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Derma Cover Natural Bronzer Powder

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Derma Cover Natural Bronzer Powder

You can use the New Well Derma Cover Natural Bronzer Powder to size your face and create a bronze effect on it. The product has a soft structure and maintains its effect all day long with its high level of pigmentation. Thanks to its permanent feature, you can safely use the product on special occasions.

Creamy texture makes it easy to apply. New Well Derma Cover Natural Bronzer Powder, which you can use regardless of skin colour, makes your skin look flawless. It also supports the permanence of the foundation. The product, which creates a balance in skin colour, was subjected to dermatological tests before being presented to users. Derma Cover Natural Bronzer Powder allows you to capture the allure of the tan and keep the glow all day long. You can use the product with different make-up colour combinations and apply it with different blushes.

Bronzer is produced to give a warm touch to your face and it does not create a feeling of weight on your skin. When you apply it to the end of the forehead as well as on the cheekbones, you give your face a perfect dimension. Its lightweight structure also allows the skin to remain fresh. It integrates with the skin instantly, so you can see it provides the same result every time you use it. With its creamy texture, Bronzer Powder is the most effective solution for a good make-up.

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