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How do you describe a good-looking gentleman or a beautiful lady? Someone who wears trendy clothes? Someone who has a fit appearance? The guy who shows up in posh look with healthy and sparkling hair? Certainly, each of them has a portion in an elegant appearance. What you notice, however, is bushy hair moving gently and consorting the rhythm of the wind. Healthy hair creates this rhythm and posh look. The right question is how do you get and sustain that healthy-looking hair? The answer is hidden behind the regular use of two phase conditioner after shampoo wash.

What is Hair Conditioner?

Hair conditioner is a kind of hair care agent which completes the cleansing procedure. It balances the moisture and elasticity of hair strands. In origin, hair conditioner is a chemical agent comprising silicones, cationic surfactants, oils and emollients. The best conditioner has the perfect combination of each ingredient in required percentages. Certainly, herbal elements and especially herb-originated oils give the moisturizing and replenishing effect to the conditioner. A good hair conditioner alleviates dry feeling on the scalp after hair-wash while nourishing the hair strands with the right amount of moisture.

What Does Hair Conditioner Do?

Contrary to general perception, right hair conditioner does not give any sticky feel or greasy look to your hair. The function of hair conditioner is just to smooth the irregular movement of strands in air. As New Well Density Thickening hair conditioner manages, your hair gets softer and denser without giving the feeling of greasy heaviness. How does hair conditioner accomplish that expected result? Hair conditioning agents are active as soon as the application starts and they flatten your hair cuticle to create soft touch. Both women and men need conditioning elements for their hair. Sprays, dyeing and colouring and blow drying cause damage and break your hair strands. For men, conditioning sprays and gels also result in similar effect. Furthermore, dandruff and unhealthy scalp may get recovered by the choice of best conditioner for men. New Well Bio-Energy Anti-Dandruff makes you feel the difference as soon as you begin to use. If you have such kind of problems, regular use of hair conditioner will catch the necessary amount of moist as well as removing off the unwanted scuff residues.

How to Use Hair Conditioner?

Regarding the type of hair conditioner, your treatment will change. For instance, rinse-out conditioners are suitable for daily use. After washing with your best shampoo, you should apply that conditioner on wet or moisturized hair and wait for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. When you use leave-in conditioner, you should be aware that the product needs to stay on hair and be active through the day. It is also suitable for daily treatment. However, deep conditioner for dry to normal hair needs longer time to wait after application. Before rinsing it out, you have to wait for half an hour in order to get the agents activated. Leave-in conditioners are better to spray whereas deep conditioners are better to spread with the gentle movements of hand and fingers.

Types of Hair Conditioner

In markets, there are varying kinds of hair conditioner products. Selecting the proper element needs to know the type of your hair and its weaknesses. In general perspective, hair conditioners are categorised in three groups: 1-Rinse-out conditioner, 2- Leave-in conditioner, 3- Deep conditioner. Let’s see what makes the difference between each one:

1- Rinse-out conditioner is the common form of hair care products. It needs post-shampoo treatment. You can apply rinse-out conditioner after shampoo, wait for two minutes and rinse with water. It is suitable for all kinds of hair and is recommended for daily use.

2-Leave-in conditioner is composed of surfactants and is very thin and light in nature. Typically, it is the best conditioner for curly hair as it moisturises and nourishes your hair cuticles. There is no need to rinse it out!

3-Deep conditioner is recommended for damaged hair, caused by heating procedures or dyeing and colouring agents. It contains emulsifiers and oils to coat and repair the damaged and dry hair. Deep conditioner is more like hair care mask  which waxes and replenishes the broken strands by regular use.

The Best Hair Conditioner: New Well

Now, as you know how to treat your conditioner, you can select your best conditioner to complement the effect of your shampoo. New Well suggests the easy-use products for hair care. Bio-Energy Hair Conditioner selection has a variety of post-shampoo products varying from density thickening to anti-dandruff, anti hair-loss and energizer categories. For the maximum effect, you can combine your selected conditioner with the best shampoo from New Well Bio-Energy collection. Silver, black, plant and anti hair-loss shampoo products prepare your hair to the smoothing change of New Well conditioner.

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