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Behind every good skin care, there lies a powerful makeup remover! Almost everyone loves to do make up, but it is also difficult to remove it! Many tend to sleep without removing their makeup after a long night but it can cause harm on your skin and your face in general. If your makeup is not removed thoroughly, your eyelashes will fall out and it will cause acne and blackheads. You can easily remove your make-up from your skin with a makeup remover suitable for your skin type. Give your skin the value it deserves with New Well makeup remover!

What is Makeup Remover?

It is important to remove makeup from your skin perfectly. When you sleep without removing your makeup, your skin does not breathe and acne formation occurs. Makeup remover helps you to clean your makeup and protect your skin health. Eye makeup products that are more difficult to remove, such as mascara, eye liner, eyeshadow and eyeliner can be removed with the help of make-up cleansing water and cotton.

How to Use Makeup Remover?

Before using make-up remover, try it at a small spot and observe to understand whether you have an allergic reaction. If you are using a water or cleansing milk, pour the hazelnut-sized product into cotton and clean your skin gently without causing irritation. If you are using a gel or foamy cleanser, moisten your skin with warm water. Then, take the hazelnut-sized product in your hand and massage it in circular movements. For cleaning eye makeup, you can use New Well best eye makeup remover. 

New Well; Best Makeup Remover

New Well, which has more than 35 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, guarantees to protect the health of your skin and remove your makeup easily. You can remove even the most difficult makeup with New Well best makeup remover, which is compatible with the PH balance of the skin. New Well is offering quality products at affordable prices to its consumers. 

New Well Makeup Cleansing Milk

You should be careful when you buy makeup cleansing milk. The makeup cleansing milk you take should be compatible with the skin's PH value. Makeup cleansing milk is suitable for sensitive, dry and normal skin. When you want to remove your water-resistant makeup immediately, it is sufficient to use makeup cleansing milk. While New Well make-up cleansing milk and cleansing oil purify your skin from make-up, they also nourish your skin with the vitamins it contains. 

Just choose the product that suits your skin type, New Well is always with you! 

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