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Every women love to feel beautiful. For this reason, we love makeup! New Well offers you a high quality of makeup products for the health of your skin so that you can reflect your inner beauty with your confident look. By choosing New Well's make-up sets, you can make colored lips, highlighted eyes, full eyelashes, natural eyebrows and flawless skin make-up and you can shine wherever you are! 

Why Choose New Well Makeup Set?

It can be said that, makeup sets are practical and advantageous in every sense so there are many reasons to choose the New Well makeup set.  It will be enough to use only the products on a make-up set to have the perfect makeup you have dreamed of. In addition, the priority of New Well products is to protect your skin health and ingredients in the make-up products are dermatologically tested and approved by experts. They nourish your skin with the vitamins contained in the products and prevents your skin from drying out. The products in the makeup sets help you to  reflect your own style with different color and product options. Long story short, New Well makeup sets offer you everything you need. 

Makeup Brush Set

You definitely need a makeup brush for professional makeup application. In particular, you should choose the right brush so that your make-up is evenly distributed over your skin. There are many types of brushes in the New Well makeup brush set. You can perfect your make-up with various New Well brush types which are blunt, fan shaped, thin, oval, flat and wide angle. You need to use special brushes for each part of your face. If you are going to apply makeup on your chin or cheeks, you should choose a large brush. On the other hand, you should use a small brush for your lips, eyebrows and under-eye area.  You should use a flat brush for eye shadow, highlighter and blush applications. New Well brushes and sponges are designed and produced so as to leave no stroke marks on your skin. 

Porcelain Makeup Set

Porcelain makeup is a makeup technique that makes the skin look smooth, monochromatic and bright. For porcelain make-up, your skin must be cleaned from dried skin residues with peeling. Porcelain makeup, which is made by using New Well products with various techniques, ensures the complete removal of imperfections such as acne spots, scars and bruises under your skin and gives your skin a bright look. The products in the New Well porcelain makeup set show high coverage performance without losing your skin's natural appearance.

Makeup Set Types with Bag

Makeup sets with bags always attract attention with their practicality. The bag prevents your makeup materials from breaking off and getting lost. In addition, makeup bags make it a lot easier to carry your makeup materials wherever you want. Thanks to the makeup bags, whenever you want, your makeup materials will be with you. You can buy the color you want from the makeup bags with different colors and keep your makeup materials neatly. 

With the New Well makeup set, professional makeup is with you wherever you go. Because you deserve the best of everything!

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