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Nail Hardener special care series developed by New Well for sensitive nails becomes a complete solution for easily broken nails. The enlivening effect created by this excellent product helps to prevent fragility of soft nails. The nail hardener, which makes the nails more robust, serves to repair nails which easily get broken. In addition, the nail hardener, which is even more effective when used regularly, makes the nails more resistant to external factors. On the other hand, by eliminating keratin deficiency in the nails, the product is also very effective in achieving a more well-groomed appearance of the nails. Thus, broken nails, cracks and separations are a thing of the past. Nail Hardener nail care product is effective in eliminating various nail problems including peeling. Providing an efficient solution in a short time, the product prevents breakage and allows you to have stronger nails. Nail Hardener, specially designed for stronger, smoother and much harder nails, is very easily applied.

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