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It is Sunday evening, you don't want to do anything except lazy around your house. And clear your mind for a busy week. So, you turned on your favorite TV show, grabbed a box of pizza, and relaxing. Forgot anything? YES! your clay mask. Your clay mask should be part of your weekly Sunday routine, period. 

Clay mask existed for centuries and people have been using it for a variety of purposes. But, recently it came under the limelight for its benefits. 

What is a clay mask? 

Clay masks are facial masks made from several types of clay. Such as Kaolin or Bentonite. A clay mask can improve the health of your skin and hair. It can absorb excess oil, manage dry skin, and prevent acne. 

What does the clay mask do? 

Clay masks can absorb excess oil from your skin and prevent mild cases of acne. Like pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. These types of acne appear when your pores are closed due to excessive dirt or oil. 

By applying a mixture of clay powder and warm water, it can help you open these pores. And draw out the excess oil. Many claim green clay is the best for dry skin. Also, If you have oily skin, regularly applying a clay mask once or twice a week may help manage the excess oil.

Clay masks can promote the production of collagen fibers. Which may reduce wrinkles and increase skin firmness.

Clay Mask Types 

There're several types of clay masks with different composition of minerals. Such as silicon oxide, aluminum oxide, potassium oxide, and calcium oxide. Also, their physical structures vary. Here are some of the most common types of clays:

  • Green clay mask: It’s one of the most common clay types out there and contains the highest mineral content.
  • Red clay mask: This is a kaolin-type clay, containing more silicate than other clays.
  • White clay mask: Though it’s less absorbent than the other types. White clay is best for those with sensitive skin. 
  • Black clay mask: also known as charcoal. It has the natural ability to absorb dirt and other impurities from your pores. Making it a great product for those with oily skin
  • Natural clay mask: It is a 100% natural bentonite clay mask abstracted from volcanic ash. Making it rich in minerals. Also suitable for various type of skins 
  • Pure clay mask: Pure-Clay Face Mask helps rough skin and deep clogged pores on your face. To give a polished, and smooth complexion. For example, our Pure Detox Clay Maskwill protects the moisture balance of your skin and allows you to easily remove the oil, dirt and makeup residues on your skin. 

Another popular product from New Well clay mask line is Bioenergy Ocean Facial Clay Mask. An ideal solution for opening clogged skin pores, removing excess oil from your skin and refreshing your skin. Remember, finding the right clay mask for your skin type will work wonders for your skin.

Clay Mask Suggestion For Acne 

We can all agree having breakout acne doesn't spark joy. Whether it's because of your hormones or you're dealing with a severe acne case. You need a weapon to fend it off. Charcoal masks are the best clay mask against face acne. Because it contains exfoliating acids and activated charcoal. It is great for chronic acne, but it has also known to help with healing acne scars.

New Well's is dedicated to present you a wide range of clay mask products. To keep your skin healthy and moist. See more product option in our website 

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