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Makeup brushes are the staples of both professional and amateur makeup. We all have that moment when we feel so inspired to apply that blinding highlighter and chiseled contour that makes us rush into the store to pick up some brushes! Even though there are dozens of brushes out there, you can round up everything you need in a makeup brush set. New Well's extensive range of top-notch brushes will help you out to choose the ones you need to create fancy looks! 

Types of makeup brushes

New Well brings the sleek style of rose gold to you. From cristal shaped to brushes adorned with sprinkles and pink glitter, plain black but chic looking brushes await to be explored at New Well's site! From professionals to beginners, anyone can easily apply the hardest eye looks with eyeshadow brushes designed by New Well. With its high quality bristles and brush types to serve each phase of a makeup look, New Well definitely cares about your health! 

Specifically made to not to harm the skin with the softest bristles, New Well offers you an extensive range of oval, spoon foundation brush, highlighter and contour brushes along with makeup brush cleaner.

Foundation Brush

Offered in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, rest assured that you will find that brush! 

Crystal Foundation Brush: Densely packed bristles will leave no hair strokes behind but a porcelain face only!

Oval Foundation Brush: Oval brushes are the new trend and embraced so quickly by many. With its functional size and bristles you can reach anywhere in your face and have a seamless look. 

Professional Foundation Brush: Designed exclusively for professionals, foundation applications will be a breeze with this brush. 

Professional Foundation/Mask/Concealer Brush: There is nothing this brush can not overcome. Each and every application of your skin care routine and makeup can be skillfully performed with this one. With its shiny topcoat and flat bristles, it will be your new favourite for sure. 

You have picked your goodies? Alright then! Next step: fit these into makeup bag by New Well and add more style. 

How to clean makeup brushes?

You do not need to do anything to clean your brushes thanks to the New Well makeup brush cleaner tool! Its silicon texture will smoothly clean the deepest residues of that oily foundation you have. With its different texture on each side, cleaning will feel like a breeze and you will not believe the residue you leave on those brushes before using this tool. You are welcome, sister. Intrigued to see it for yourself? Then visit our site to pick your colour and explore!

Now it seems you know enough to pick your own set of brushes to start your own makeup journey. What are you waiting for then? There are brushes of each colour, shape, size, and purpose for everyone! Visit New Well and learn more on makeup accessories, makeup bags and make up brushes. Also, stay tuned for new products and offers we have in store for you!

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