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The power of makeup can not be denied for sure. Everyone loves to enhance their features and define their own beauty standards. Applying face makeup skillfully makes one look radiant and outstanding. Whether you want to apply a light or heavy makeup products for face makeup create a significant difference. Even though face makeup has enough steps to be completed, you need to know the useful tips to ease the progress and get fascinating results. 

How to do full face makeup

Think of yourself as a painter. Every painter and artist needs a clean canvas to work with. Soft skin moisturised enough to glide your make-up brush is what you need to work faster and more efficiently. After moisturising your skin, apply your face primer to lay the base for your next steps. Primers will make your makeup last longer and stay in place for long hours. 

After your skin is smoothed out with the primers, it comes to the foundation to play the part. Foundation helps to cover all discolourations and even out the skin helping your makeup to go smoother. Even though it is hard to choose the perfect shade for your skin, it will be worth to wait once you have seen the miraculous effects of the famous Derma Make-Up Cover Foundation. It is a high coverage foundation allowing porcelain make-up, and have a permanent makeup throughout the day. New Well's foundations ranging from satin, cream to liquid structures will meet your every need depending on the look you are going for the day. 

Once you have set the base, conceal the spots you want to hide. From small spots like acne to under eyes many areas on the face can be covered with the help of concealers. From lightweight to heavy concealers, any kind of concealers by New Well will help you cover anything you do not wish to see. 

We are done with the wet base. Now we need to set the face to apply powdery products such as blusher colours and types. Using a makeup sponge, apply the powder to your face. Then dust off the excess powder from all over your face gently. You can use a technique called "baking" by leaving the powder on the areas that need the most coverage. 

Ready to work on our clean and even canvas. To define the distinctive features of our face we need bronzers. Find a dedicated bronzer for yourself and pick something that is at most 2 shades darker than your natural skin. Some imagine as if there is a three shaped on both sides of their face down to their chins. Follow that 3 from your temples to your jawline to define your facial features. Repeat the application on the other side of the face as well.

Blushing cheeks have been favoured for centuries. Red and healthy glowing cheeks have always been seen as an indication of youth and beauty. New Well's blusher will add more vibrancy and colour to your complexion. A densely packed brush might be the best option to apply blushes. Apply it on the apples of your cheeks but do not heavily pack the product since you may look extra within seconds. 

Highlighter is definitely the mainstay of today's makeup trends. They come in different structures such as gel, cream, liquid, and powder addressing every need and look. If you want to add a bit of glam to your look but look bold at the same time, choose your highlighter and apply it on the flawless canvas we have just created. Apply can be applied to the bridge of the nose, the top part of the cheeks, inner corners of the eyes, brow bones, cupid's bow, centre of the forehead and the chin. Once you are done with the glow, you can go over the face with a translucent powder to have a more even look. 

Since you have skillfully completed your face makeupü you are free to go with your eye and lip makeup. Once you are satisfied with the end result, there is one more step to complete. Setting spray! We have already set the face to have a more complete look with a setting powder, but setting spray will help everything hold in place for long hours without fadingü smudging, greasing, and creasing midway through the day. Spray it to your face and wait until it gets all try. Some like to go over the face with a sponge to their skin to absorb everything and look more seamlessly, but it is up to you!

Your make up is done and done! To explore the beauty world New Well created and to learn more about makeup tips, visit our site

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