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Eye makeup is the heart of the makeup and it helps you to have dramatic eyes and sparkling look! The way to that is an eye kohl that never smudges or fades away. With minutes of application of coloured eye pencils will make your eyes pop more and define your eye colour and shape even more!

What is eye kohl?

Eyekohl is a makeup product that helps to frame your upper and under eyes with thousands of colours and. With the help of an eye kohl you can make your eyes look bigger than ever or smaller! 

Eyekohl is also another product that can help you make a smokey eye look when you don't have eyeshadow. 

How to apply eye kohl?

Pay attention that the tip of your eye kohl is not so sharp. You might want to apply it on to your clean hands and warm it up a bit by softening the tip as well. 

If you want your eyes to look bigger, choose a white eye kohl or nude coloured pencil, and apply it onto your lower lashline. 

For smaller eyes, apply a darker colour eye pencil to have effective looks. 

Use brown eye kohl for a more natural look!

If you are in favour of colourful eyes and especially pinkish or burgundy coloured smokey eyes then New Well's red pencil is just the thing you are looking for. 

It is natural to sweat and waterproof eye kohl is something you need if you will wear makeup around beaches, pools, or any area with humidity! 

Apply a New Well mascara to set your look and to add more emphasis to your eyes. Now it is time to create your favourite look!

The best eye kohl colours

If you wish to learn more about the best eyeliner types and explore the New Well's eye pencils, see more on New Well's website. 

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