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A chiseled jawline and a defined bone structure is everyone's wish. Luckily no one has to be put under and go through painful surgery to have those! Thanks to the makeup trends such as highlighting and contouring, the desired effect can easily be achieved in minutes. The only thing you need to have is a cream or powder contour that is at least two shades deeper than your normal skin tone. Never contoured before or no idea on how to proceed? We have your back as New Well. You may start searching for the best contour stick, powder, or cream contour products to find the one that will compliment your complexion the best!

What is contour makeup? 

Contour is a highly trendy step of face makeup and it is generally applied to emphasize certain areas of the face by applying darker shades to a suitable area. If you think your noise is crooked or you want your jawline to look more defined and harsh? You want to make your eyes pop more than the usual and have a bronzed effect? No need to go to solarium! You can achieve that with a swing of a brush in seconds! Countour is exactly what you need to show the hidden features of your beauty! 

How to do contour makeup?

How to contour face, is no longer a mystery! First thing to remember while applying contour makeup, you should pay attention to choose blendable products not to have a textured effect on your skin. It also provides long-lasting effects so that your makeup can stay input for hours. New Well's Contour Brush Palette includes blusher and contour shades and it is perfect for beginners who try to learn how to do makeup. Thanks to its different contour shades, you will not have any difficulty in finding the right shade for you since you can mix and match!

You don't like wet-looking contours and highlighter products since you are a fan of matte looks and in need to set everything in place? Check for powder contours by New Well. The compact powder includes a practical mirror to take it anywhere and anytime with you!

Last but not least apply makeup fixator spray to lock everything! Polymer ingredient works efficiently to keep everything in place. Especially during summer, if your skin is prone to sweat, you New Well fixator spray will help you out a greal deal!

Ready to find your company on this makeup journey? Then hop on to New Well!

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