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If you were isolated on a deserted island and given once chance to take something essential with you, what would it be? For all you makeup lovers who love to put on a lipgloss and save the day, it is of course a lip gloss. Faithful servant of many, lipg losses are underestimated most of the time. Many do not really favour lip glosses since they can not find the perfect, the best lip gloss shade or consistency. Are you one of those who never really grasp the power of a gloss? We will show you the true value of this magical makeup item with New Well lipglosses!

What are the Lip Gloss Types?

Many of us start the lip gloss journey with the clear ones and did not really like the outcome since we wanted to look cute and only bought a product with useless ingredients that smudge everywhere. Meet New Well lip glosses and shatter all of your prejudices! 

New Well offers a shiny lip gloss formula that will make your lips look plump, healthy and out of this world. From matte lip gloss to shiny and clear lip glosses, there are options for everyone! Shiny liquid lip glosses come with variety of colours to fit any makeup look you are going for too look festive. 

Don't like to colour your lips a lot and want to look more natural? We have got something for you as well! Try New Well's clear lip gloss and don't forget to thanks us later. Once applied it keeps your lips moisturised and glamorous all day by keeping its effect for hours as if it is freshly applied. Just like it's number, it will be your new number 01 we assure you!

If you are looking for a more emphasis and want to combine your lipstick or lip pencil with a gloss, apply your base of lipstick first. Then grab your matte, shiny or clear gloss by New Well, and define your lips carefully to not to go off the line you have drawn with your lipstick or lip pencil. After you have skilfully structured your lips as you wanted, add extra effect with a lipgloss matching your lipstick or New Well's 01 lip gloss to add more of a plumped and puffy effect. With its smoothing ingredients, you will feel as if your lips are exfoliated and soft as a pillow! You can go ahead and set everything in place with a lip brush after you are done. This will make your lips wet and nourished. 

Now you know lip gloss is everything to give colour and vibrancy to lips that are lacklustre and chapped. New Well's lightweight glosses will help you feel that ultimate lip gloss experience and you will not believe your eyes when you see the colour pay off. Get shine now with non sticky New Well lip glosses. Visit our site to learn more details about lip gloss prices and hurry to choose your own essential in case you get deserted on that island!

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