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Plumped, fresh looking and shiny lips are everyone's dream. With the rising demand for cosmetic products and makeup, now it is a lot easier to create the desired effect on your lips. Regardless of its shape and colours, you can change your natural lips to look bigger or smaller thanks to the art of makeup. However, how correctly or precisely you put your lipstick on, sometimes it smudges and fades all over your mouth area. Incorrect application or wrong product type might result in smudging but do not let it ruin your day! Read the article we have prepared for you to level up your lipstick game and say bye-bye to smudging!

How to do lip makeup?

What do you do before eating dinner, taking a shower or going to the mall? You get prepared. Just like you, your lips also need to get prepped before all plumped up. But what do you need to do to have smooth lips and an easy lipstick application? Keep on reading!

  1. Exfoliate: Dead skin is real. Our lips also get dead skin cells just like our face, feet and other parts of our body. Once exfoliated with the right products, you get a smooth and flat canvas to work on your magic. Mix honey, sugar to create your own lip scrub however if you wish to achieve a more effortless result, gently brush your lips with your toothbrush while brushing your teeth. Use a damp cloth to take away the access dead skin parts on your lips without irritating the skin.
  2. Apply lip balm: After exfoliating your lips and getting rid of dead skin, your lips will need hydration. Coconut oil, jojoba oil or olive oil ingredients are mostly preferred by many. It helps your lips to get soften and allow you to put on your lipstick a lot easier. Remove the excess on your lips to avoid smudging of your lipstick. 
  3. Lip pencil: Even though many skip this step, to prevent smudging and to define the lips, lipstick is a must before applying any kind of lipstick or lip gloss! Just as you could create plumped lips, you could use your pencil to achieve a thin lip makeup. Many overline their lips to achieve a lip thickening makeup and lip pencil is exactly what you are looking for if you are going for an overlined lip look! Gently line your lips and slowly overline them and don't rush. Apply a white pencil to your cupid's bow to make your lips larger. Light colours will create the illusion of larger lips once applied correctly. Prepare yourself with the final touch of the good old lip gloss! From Shiny Liquid Lipstick collection to regular Lipgloss, New Well offers you a sufficient amount of products to choose from!

If you want your lips to look smaller, hide your natural lip line with a little bit of foundation and powder to draw the shape that fits your liking, then fill them in. 

  1. Apply lipstick/lipgloss: Pick the right colour that fits best to your makeup vibe. Choose your own from nude lipstick, matte lipstick, liquid lipstick or red lipstick. If you have a deep skin tone, go for a bold colour to have a contrast look. If you have light skin tone, pinkish and natural colours will look mesmerising on you. You can use nude lipstick with your extravagant eye makeup looks as well. If you are medium skin tone kinda gal, lilac, cinnamon and prune type of colours will fit you stunningly. But don't forget! Makeup has no right or wrong and doesn't be afraid of playing with colours. 

We have other tips to give you! If your lips tend to dry easily, you might not want to go for a matte lipstick since it will create that dry effect you would not want on your lips. Nourishing lipsticks, liquid lipsticks can be a great option since they will make your lips wet and soft! New Well's Handmade Liquid Lipstick collection and Liquid Lipgloss collection are worth to try to see the effects for yourself! For all gorgeous women out there with thinner lips, use lighter colours if you wish to make your lips look bigger. Apply a lighter colour at the centre of your lip to get thicker lips! Did a little extra lipstick on the corner of your lips? Do not worry. There is nothing our concealer can not cover! Use New Well's Liquid Concealers on the corner of your lips to get a perfectly drawn shape. Visit our website to learn more about our products to learn more about New Well's products and stay tuned for makeup tips!

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