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Especially within the last few years, makeup trend has had a tremendous increase among people all over the world. Individuals have turned makeup to something to reflect their inner worlds shaped by creativity and this eventually increased the demand in cosmetics. Regardless of colour, gender, shape, and size, makeup is free from all borders and unites everyone around the world under beauty umbrella. Therefore it is natural to refer to makeup as an art form to reflect someone's inner beauty and potential with a little bit of magical touch of colours! This is exactly the reason why women do wear makeup. 

If you are tired from last night's party or dinner night, makeup will back you up. Need to rush out to meet up with your friends but you have no time to freshen up? Pick up a mascara and lipstick along the way, no worries. If you are no fan of smoky and dramatic eye looks, there are tons of options out there for natural look lovers. In short, makeup is there for all. 

Why do women wear makeup?

Even though there are a lot of answers to this question, no need to search for deep answers here. Simply to look different and try to cover the "imperfections" and to put an emphasis on certain features they favour about themselves. Some might say makeup is another way to look more powerful and nowadays more and more people are encouraged to play with colours thanks to the inspirations they get from influencers, bloggers and Instagrammers. Therefore the perception of "beauty" has changed significantly. Almost from every age, shape, colour, and size, people can find something for themselves to adapt to their daily makeup routine and get tons of suggestions about new products ranging from drug store to high-end ones. Just like the product range, makeup applications also differ from professional to daily or natural. Read along to learn quite a few about makeup products serving different purposes and move your makeup game to the next level!

Daily Makeup Products

No place for a smoky eye or a blinding highlight here! We are doing it all-natural. Known as "blemish" or "beauty balm" BB Cream, is the cornerstone of natural looks for many. With its easy application and lightweight structure, many prefer BB cream to products with high coverage. BB cremes in general are formulated to look skin-like unlike foundations that are formulated with richer substances to give more coverage and a flawless look. However, it is important to choose the correct BB Cream. New Well's Hand Made BB Cream is enriched with vitamin C and has all in one properties such as moisturising and evening out the different tones on the skin as well as protecting it from the harmful UV lights. It comes with two colour options; light and medium and promises an easy application within a few minutes! With its SPF 15, protects your skin from direct sunlight as well. 

Since we are doing it all-natural, you don't need much to accent your flawless features with extra powder. But if you do wish to set your face, New Well's transparent powders will give you that natural look without getting cakey.

For the lips, there are tons of options varying from,  matte, shiny, powdery lipsticks to glosses, liquid lipsticks, coloured and colourless lip balms. To achieve a natural look, a nude lipstick to give a little pop of colour could be a great idea since you will not be overdoing it. New Well's Nude Lipsticks, Shiny Lipsticks, and Makeover Liquid Lipsticks run to your help to bring a pop of colour to your lips and to define them. 

Do not want to overdo it but need a small spark? New Well's Handmade Eyeshadow Palette - Nicolas - 6 colours will be the perfect match to your look. With its natural-toned colours and compact size and mirrors, you can throw it to your purse and refresh your eye makeup whenever you want.

But do not forget, we need mascara to put everything in place. New Well offers you a host of options to choose from to get the effect you desire. While its 7in1 Bio Herbal Mascara nourishes your lashes, Handmade Mascara offering Volume and Waterproof will get you through a rainy day or a day at the beach. 

Who does not love when the highlight hits their face? Highlight can be found in every phase of makeup from professional to daily makeup routines. From powder, stick to gel formulas, and creme ones, you have a great variety of options. After picking the correct highlighter by skin colour (you can always get help from the staff), use a makeup brush for highlighting and voila! 

Last but not least, blush! Every natural look passes through a peachy, natural-coloured blusher. New Well's Handmade Blusher and Derma Cover collections are what you are looking for. Apply a sufficient amount of product to the apples of your cheek and you are good to go! This type of nude makeup helps you define your features by creating an even look. If you wish to go more professional and need to improve your makeup skills, you will need professional makeup products as well. However natural or daily makeup products are enough to get you going and improve your skills. If you want to learn more about eye makeup products, face makeup products, and lip makeup products by New Well to improve your techniques, it is a date!

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