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You do not have to be a professional makeup artist, YouTuber or a beauty guru to apply eye make-up skillfully. Watching makeup tutorials and learning new makeup tips will of course help you improve your techniques and once you have learnt enough to see pleasing results, you will realise makeup is a powerful art that has a transformative power. The way to a pleasing transformation goes through distinctive eyes and eyeshadow makeup. 

New Well has got you covered to give you useful make tips on different eye looks. Get ready to practise for your next night out!

How to do eye makeup?

Remember, blending is the key to a cute eye look. Let's create an easy natural eye look with brown and gold-toned eyeshadows. What you need is a warm brownish coloured eyeshadow which you can find in New Well's eyeshadow palette. Flat tip eyeshadow palette to apply shimmers, small and densely packed packing brush and a blending brush to set everything in place. 

Brown Eye Makeup

Brown and gold eye make up is preferred by many since it looks soft and chic at the same time. Since you know what you need to start your look, you can begin with applying primer to your eyelids. This will make your eye make up last longer than usual. Use a thin flat brush to reach the roots of your eyelashes and stamp brown colour to create an intensifying effect. Use the same technique for your lower lashes in the end to have a more completed look. 

By using a flat brush, pack that shimmery gold shade in the centre of the lid. If you do not want to use shimmery shadows, use a packing brush to apply the matte shade to the centre of the lid. Once you are all done applying both colours, blend the harsh lines with your fluffy blending blush to achieve a seamless look. Grab a New Well Mascara and you are done! This easy look goes for the more the most and looks like you have put so much effort in it.

Types of Makeup

Makeup can be done different by everyone since everyone adds their personal touch to their masterpiece! From shimmery eyes, cat eyes, gradient eyes, cut crease eyes to smokey eyes, there are many options to play with. 

Natural eyes can be done with a touch of eyeliner and mascara. It is the easiest and quickest of all looks combined. Some use a cream-based eyeshadow to their lids to give a little brightening effect to look make them look more vibrant and radiant.

Shimmery make up look is applied with glitter, glitter glue or with a very shimmery eyeshadow. This is more suitable for special occasions such as parties.

Cat eyes are quite popular and never seem to lose its popularity among makeup lovers. Applying your eyeliner upwards starting from the corner of your eyes will give your eyes a lifting effect.

Gradient eyes are something that have gained popularity thanks to YouTubers and professional makeup artists. It requires patience to see the end result but its definitely worth trying. Just like our brown eyes, we apply a lighter colour to the inner corner of our eyes and go with darker colours to the outer corners. The look is complete with fake lashes and liner can be applied but it is totally optional.

Cut crease eyes are definitely a new trend and it is already loved a lot! Applying concealer to the crease area and adding a pop of shimmer or colour to that area will give you that sunsety vibe and make your eyes look dashing.

Smokey eyes has been the trend and always will be a trend for many. It is the reason we start watching YouTube videos and learning how to do makeup. Smokey eyes look the best once they are applied with a nude-toned face makeup since it will draw all the attention to your eyes. A darker eyeshadow is a must for a smokey eye. Black or gray-toned colours are mostly preferred but they need to be blended properly to see that smokey effect.

Now you know enough about makeup tips and eyeshadows to create your own look. Never hesitate to play with colours, if you do not like the outcome, wipe it off and start over! You can always check New Well's website to get more tips and hacks about makeup and eye makeup. Explore New Well's world start your eye makeup journey and visit our site to stay tuned for new offers and products!

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