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Our skin is our greatest treasure and remember that beautiful skin means healthy skin. But our skin may not always look perfect due to environmental factors, acne formation, spotting and aging occuring on our skin. Eating habits, makeup, alcohol and cigarette consumption are the most important factors that affect the appearance of the skin. For all these reasons, we need to show our skin the value it deserves and take good care of it with the right products. Don't worry, help is on the way! Explore New Well's skin care products and let your skin look shiny and smooth with New Well skin care creams!

What Does Skin Cream Do to Skin?

Although skin care creams have a protective effect, they are also indispensable in the world of cosmetics.  To get a perfect result, you need to know your skin type and to be able to buy suitable creams for it. Skin care creams help to renew your skin, keep it calm and moist with its "skin repair" feature. From moisturizers to creams with pore-tightening formulas, products with rich ingredients help you have the perfect look your skin deserves.

Moisturising Cream

Our skin, which is exposed to heavy external factors and protects our body from many difficult factors, tends to lose moisture balance and dries out as a result of these external factors over time. The skin, whose moisture rate decreases, quickly flakes and begins to lose its elasticity. As a result, the skin becomes too dull to respond to daily movements and wrinkles occur on the skin.  Moisturizing creams are cosmetic products used for the purposes of protecting the skin structure, keeping the skin's moisture balance within the usual limits, providing moisture supplements for dry skin. You can also use cream for dark circle under eyes to have a younger and vivid appearance.

Whitening Cream

Whitening cream, in other words the spot remover cream, is often used to remove the discolouration that occur on the skin for various reasons. One of these reasons is sun rays. Skin whitening cream, by virtue of its feature, helps to eliminate inequalities caused by sun rays. When choosing whitening creams, you should turn to products that are suitable for your skin type and that will not cause any sensitivity your the skin. Along with moisturizing creams, you can also try New Well clay mask for healthy and radiant skin.

Sunscreen Cream

Taking precautions against the harmful rays of the sun protects against various negative consequences such as aging, freckles, wrinkles and spotting. Therefore, you can protect your skin by choosing products that are suitable for your skin type and seasonal requirements. When buying a protective sunscreen, it is necessary to choose products with a protection factor of at least 15 to 50. In addition, make sure that the cream has high water and sweat resistance. You can choose tanning creams to have a beautiful tan on summer days and with shimmer spray you can both shine brightly and smell good. 

Acne Cream

The acne problem is a process that requires long-term care. Even if acne problems are resolved for good, acne scars may leave permanent textures on the skin. Cream for acne scars increase collagen production and it is especially effective in the disappearance of deep scars. Therefore, you can choose creams that contribute heavily to collagen production when choosing acne cream.

Try New Well's perfect skin care creams to have healthy skin and be noticed in any environment you are!

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