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Nail polish is the complement of your outfit, so nail care is pretty important. Applying gel nail polish creates a flawless look for your hands and feet. Nail polish in different colours and types gives your hand more stylish look on your special days or whenever you want. The most exciting part about nail polish is to choose one among dozens of colour options. When you buy nail polish, you should be careful about the quality of it. Otherwise, water can ruin your nail polish and it cannot be long-wearing as expected. Everyone deserves modern nails. New Well is here to present nail polish options with highest quality.

Prepare Your Nails

Before applying your nail polish, do not forget that your nails are canvas and you are an artist. Healthy nails will be your best friend during painting. If you want healthier nails, you should get rid of cuticles and then harden your nails. You can see all of the nail care products which help you by clicking here.

With regular use of New Well Nail Hardener, sensitive nails will be a thing of the past. If you bite your nails which seems like a common behaviour for many of us, it can be a problem for your health and aim to keep your look classy and chic. No Bite Nail Polish which protects your nails and health, is the best solution offered by New Well. Because of its transparency, men and children can use it. After the bitter taste, you will give up nail biting. In order to stop nail biting, you can click here. Your nails are ready to apply nail polish after strenghtening.

How To Apply Nail Polish?

After being sure about cleanliness of your nail, you can start. You can apply a base coat like New Well Nail Nutrition which repairs your nail and then wait for it to dry. Choose your nail polish and start with rolling the bottle of your nail polish instead of shaking because shaking creates bubbles inside the bottle. Control the thickness of your nail polish and remove the polish more than you need from the brush. Place a small dab at your nail and cap your nail with the nail polish. When you swipe the brush, you should do it in a stright line from the base of your nail. Otherwise, it can look messy. Apply the same thing all of your nails and allow to dry. If you want to speed up the process, you can use nail polish dryer.

How Long Does Nail Polish Take To Dry?

Your nail polish can look dry a few minutes later, but it is impossible. It can take one hour to dry completely. If you apply a thinner coat, it will be dry faster. With nail polish dryer, you get the result faster. It is a lifesaving product for the day you need to dry nails fast.

Nail Polish Colours

According to your style and mood, you can prefer one of New Well’s nail polish colours. They have sharp colour pigmentation which can change your hands and feet look. You can choose red nail polish to have a glamorous look. You can apply vivid nail polish colours such as purple, green, etc. With purple nail polish, you will probably grab all the attention. Sometimes, you want to prefer safe colours. In that case, you can apply black nail polish. There are tens of nail polish colours in New Well, so you can find the most suitable one among the wide range of colour.

Nude Nail Polish

With the help of nude nail polish, you can catch the minimalistic manicure look effortlessly. Different undertone options are ready to give you simple elegance. You can combine it with all of your outfits. Nude nail polish will be an alternative when you are uncertain about what you apply.

Pastel Nail Polish

Pastel nail polish is the most efficacious thing when you want to change your mood. You can make a fresh start with it. After applying New Well’s nail polish colours such as yellow, pink and blue, you will realize a whole new side of you!

Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polish gives your nails a modern touch. Actually, staying fresh longer and drying fast are the most interesting part about it. You can complete your style with New Well’s matte nail polish.

Metallic Nail Polish

Metallic nail poslih suit every type of manicure and also your nails look healthier. If you want to be eye-catching, you should try New Well’s metallic nail polish options. You can prefer metallic nail polish everyday.

Address for perfect manicure is New Well now. Experience high quality products with top-notch ingredients. 

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