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The effect of applying makeup on self-confidence is undeniable. But taking care of your skin is as important as doing makeup. Because with your healthy skin, you will always shine brightly! For a healthy skin look, you should take good care of it and feed your skin with the right products. Without doubt, one of the most important steps for skin care is peeling. Thanks to the peeling, your skin will look cleaner and naturally it will look smoother with or without makeup. Try New Well Peeling products and give your skin the care it deserves!

What Does Peeling Do?

Peeling is a skin cleansing product that contains micro particles. Thanks to these particles in the peeling, you can clean your pores deeply and make your skin glow. With time, make-up, dirt and sweat fill out the pores. Peeling removes pores, prevents acne formation and cleans blackheads thanks to its particles. You can achieve a more perfect result by using it with New Well face care products, and you should know that peeling can be done not only on the face but on the whole body.

How to Apply Peeling?

It is very important to apply peeling products correctly. You should get the New Well peeling product in the size of a hazelnut. You should apply the peeling with round movements. After applying the peeling on your face in a circular motion, clean it from your skin with cold water. 

Peeling for Dry Skins

Dry skins are sensitive at the same time, that is why when buying products for dry skin, you should definitely pay attention to your skin type. Therefore, you should not use the products used for oily skin for dry skin. The best peeling products are the ones that are suitable for your skin. You can moisten your dry skin with a peeling mask. 

Peeling for Sensitive Skins

If you have sensitive skin, peelings that have very large particles in their content are not suitable for you. Using a product with a natural ingredients will be the best solution for you. In addition, the fact that the product suitable for you has a creamy consistency instead of gel is an easy factor to use.

Peeling for Oily Skins

Oily skins are the most demanding skin types. Since oily skin is prone to open pores and blackheads, skin-type oily ones should care with a gel product that fights these problems and opens the pores. Apart from particulate gel peelings, another product you can choose is the peeling mask. For instance, clay mask is a very suitable and effective mask compared to cosmetic products for those who want to have healthy skin. To make a long story short, If you have oily skin, peeling every week will be good for you.

New Well peeling products with their natural ingredients will make your skin sparkle with its refreshing and purifying effects. Bamboo peeling is a clay based product and it revitalizes your skin with its refreshing effect. Red Ginseng peeling refreshes your skin while removing the dead skin thanks to the red ginseng extract. Choose the one that suits you and enjoy your soft skin!

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