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Great skin highly depends on your habits, skin care routine and of course your DNA! Just like your personal care, caring for your skin, hair and body are also natural. However the countless numbers of products designed to serve different purposes will give everyone an opinion on each skin type. Many of us still find ourselves watching skin care routine videos on YouTube and ask ourselves but what is a good skin care routine? As New Well, we are here to share a few tips about face care with you. If you are thinking of making your skincare game better, read our skin care tips before starting. 

What is a good skincare?

A good change starts with a good skin care routine. Skin care routines generally consist 3 main steps for everyone. Cleansing, toning, and moisturising your face. The main aim of a good face care routine is to even out any discolorations, calm the skin, and correct any troubled areas. Age is another factor affecting skin and requires different applications and methods. If you have no idea whatsoever about skin care routines and do not know where to start, just start with washing your face regularly.

Many can forget washing their face due to the rush in the daily course of the day but there is nothing like refreshing your face with fresh water. It prevents clogging of the pores, and takes away the dullness and give you a refreshed look. 

Toning is essential to balance out the skin complexion and to stop getting acne. Toners consist of various nutrients to boost your skin health and preventing oily skin. Those special ingredients work harmoniously for skin replenishment. Useful tip: Apply your toner on your clean hands not to lose a lot of products. Cotton pads absorb most of the product leaving you with a damp application. However, applying the toner by gently massaging the skin will both help to accelerate your blood circulation as well as saving tons of product! Apply a few drops and wait for your skin to absorb it. 

Professional Skin Care Products

From high-end to drugstore, there are dozens of products waiting to be explored. Each filled with various ingredients and elixirs to work miracles on the skin once used regularly. Products with hyaluronic acid prevent moisture loss and vitamin C erases the dullness by decreasing your dark spots. Colloidal sulfur and niacinamide decreases redness and calm the skin. Therefore products including these specific properties are favoured by many. 

Apply these steps we have prepared for you and create your own routine with the products fit best to your needs. 

Don't have time in the morning and gotta grab a coffee before taking your bus? Then apply the intensive care at night. Start washing your face gently and get rid of all the traffic and environmental pollution clogging your pores. Once your pores are cleaned and your skin is dewy enough, apply New Well's Pure Detox Clay mask to remove remaining oil, dirt. It has anti-aging and anti-blackhead properties along with anti-sebum effect, a true saviour!

Once you have applied the mask and cleanse your face from the mask residues, you will need to moisturise your skin. New Well's Advanced Night Repair Cream formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin B3 and argan oil will work through the night to repair the damages of the day. 

Once you wake up, just wash your face and apply your New Well Intensive Moisture Day Cream enriched with hyaluronic acid and SPF 15 to prevent sunlight damages and salicylic acid to stop acne formation on the skin during the day. Apply it gently to skin without pressure. 

Skin; check. But what about all the gentlemen with beard out there? Beard Mustache Care Oil by New Well is here for your help. Just like your hair, your moustache and beard that defines the characteristics features of your face need an intensive care. Beard care oil works miracles thanks to its 10 essential oils help growing your moustache and beard. Use it once a day to see the end result but apply it through massaging the hairs gently so that the results can be seen shortly and more effectively. Dermatologically tested beard and moustache oil by New Well promises a short time results and it takes care of your skin as well. With its softening effect, say goodbye to brittleness and dryness on your beard, moustache, and skin. If you also want to accelerate your hair growth and density, check New Well Beard & Moustache Care Oil now. 

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