Eyelash and Eyebrow Care

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Watching movies taught me if your eyelash falls you have seconds to make a wish. Years later, I can say I shed a fair amount of lashes. And my dream house is nowhere to be found. 

With that said, your eyelashes and eyebrows are a distinct part of your face. And they need care. Let's take your eyelashes for a second. They protect your eyes from any debris, and they're your eye's first line of defense. Lash care is a must, regardless of gender. 

When it comes to eyebrows some say they're the pillar of your face. Over the years, you might have developed a love-hate relationship with them. But eventually, you have to embrace your own eyebrow's uniqueness. 

With that said, New Well offers Eyebrow & Lash Brush that Shows a promising performance in both eyebrow and eyelash. It combs with its soft texture without damaging it. Also having a special bristle structure.

How to take care of your eyelashes? 

The first step to have healthy eyelashes is to remove your makeup every night. Especially your mascara. Also, avoid the waterproof mascara they bring more harm than good. 

Be sure to cleanse your lashes daily with a gentle cleanser. like baby shampoo it is a great option, it's gentler on the eyes. It's also important to avoid sharing your makeup with others to avoid cross-contamination. Oil cleanser or balm are other alternatives for a good cleansing. And they will not irritate your eyes as well.

If you are dealing with fragile lashes you might want to consider cream cleanser. The cream cleanser is super gentle. For natural eyelash care, olive oil and green tea application are recommended. Also, remember eyelashes are hair they need to be conditioned.

How to take care of your eyebrows? 

If you're still using the same pair of tweezers since you were 16. Throw it away. Get a new pair of tweezers it will save you tons of trouble. Post shower is a good time to bust out your tweezers. The heat from the shower will open your pores and make it easier for you to tug them away. 

Remember, to condition your eyebrows use coconut oil or castor oil. You can also add Vitamin E oil to both, for an extra boost. Vitamin E oil helps blood circulation affecting eyebrow hair growth.

For men eyebrow care we can sum it up in three words " Pair of scissors," trim these bad boys. If you don't know where to find them we have your back. New Well's Eyebrow Scissors, best as they come. Allowing you to shape and model your eyebrows how you want it. 

Eyelash and eyebrow serum 

Eyelash serums need patience. It is not a magical formula. The serum can help you hydrate and strengthen your lashes. But, can't make them grow. 

This shouldn't stop you from investing in an eyelash serum. They can cut down lashes breakage and shedding. 

We can't say in good faith all lash serums are safe. So, please check with experts before deciding on lash serum. 

If you always dreamt of having thick eyebrows, eyebrow growth serums are the way to go. eyebrow growth serums help optimal growth of hair follicles. Without burning a hole in your wallet. Brow serums contain many of the same ingredients as eyelash growth serums.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Dye 

Also known as brow and lash tinting. a dye is brushed onto eyelashes or eyebrows to darken them.

if you're sick of picking up a brow pencil every day and want an easier way. And more long-lasting results, tinting is your ticket out. It's all about finding a formula with good ingredients and easy instructions. It takes a few minutes. The only downside we can think of is the dye will last a month. Then you have to dye again. 

Still deciding what do next? No problem, visit our website New Well to check our  wide range of products that fits all your makeup needs. 

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