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New Well is ready to make your brows fuller and thicker. Staple of makeup kits, eyebrow products help you make your thin eyebrow thicker and fuller in a natural way. A couple flicks of write will transform your eyebrows to healthy and thick eyebrows! Define your eyebrows now with New Well eyebrow pencils and choose your own colour to be transformed.

This exclusive and practical product by New Well is only 6 ml and suitable for traveling and formulated not to give any damage to your eyes. Just grab it and leave the house!

How to use eyebrow pencil? 

Brush your eyebrows upwards first to see the scarce areas that need to be filled. To make a correct application move your pencil horizontally to fill any areas that need to be thicker. Don't press the eye pencil to avoid harsh eyebrow drawing since it can create an unnatural look on your face!

The best eyebrow pencil is the one that suits your complexion the best. Eyebrow product's consistency is also important for application. Eyebrow pencil should not to be too hard or soft to ease the application. 

Best Eyebrow Pencil Suggestions

New Well helps you out to choose among great options of different eyebrow products. Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, ultra-fine tip eyebrow pencil, angular eyebrow pencil or liquid eyebrow liners are among the vast sea of options offered in the market. Each serving different purposes and looks. Waterproof eyebrow pencil is another product that helps your makeup stay put all day regardless of place and time! 

But putting eyebrow pencils only could create an uneven look on your face. It is completed once used with fitting eye kohl colour, eyeshadow makeup, and a face makeup. Try not to use darker colours than your natural eyebrows and try to find the midway if your complexion and hair colour is a lot different from one another! 

New Well's eyebrow pencil with easy application comes with different colours and a cap with a brush tool to brush your eyebrows. Offering precision and arched brows, New Well's eyebrow pencils are definitely worth to explore! If you wish to get more details about our eye makeup products, we have the best mascara products at New Well! Please visit our site to learn and try more of New Well and get a chance to get your hands on new deals and new products before anyone else!

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