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You have an important meeting in 10 minutes. And you're looking for an extra boost in confidence and a subtle transformation. You crank open your purse take out a red lipstick. Now you're ready to nail that meeting.

It's safe to say, you've done this more than once or twice. Let's assure you. You're not the only one who relies on their lipstick for last-minute transformation. For decades lipsticks have been the go-to makeup essential for women.

But, are you a master of your art? Did you perfect wearing lipstick? If you hesitated even a second before answering, this article is for you.

How to apply lipstick?

Prep your lips

First of all, you don’t want to be walking around with dry or chapped lips. Moisturizing your lips is important. Start with lip balm, to get soft and healthy-looking lips. Also, it will help you get even the application of lipstick.

Use a lip liner

To define the shape of your lips and avoid getting messy. Use a lip liner to get a precise and polished look. Follow your natural lip line with the liner from one side to another. Use a liner that compliments your skin tone, not your lipstick.

An easier way to do it is doting lines on your lips outline, then connecting the dots by drawing along the dots.

Apply the lipstick

Now you can pick your deserved lipstick color. Starting from the center of your upper lip and move outward towards one corner. Don't forget to cover the inside corners. Then bring back the lipstick to the center and run it to the other corner. Repeat the same movements with the lower lip. You can dab the lipstick with your pinky, then dot the color onto your lips to cover any area the lipstick missed.

What are New Well Lipstick Colors?

With New Well, we try to accommodate all women's skin tone. By providing a variety of vibrate lipstick colors. Like nude lipstick, and shiny lipstick. Almost 100 different lipstick colors you can choose from.

With all these options it can be overwhelming to find the right lipstick that syncs with your skin tone.

Makeup professionals categories women's skin tones to 3 categories: Warm, Cool, or Neutral. Even with identifying which category you belong to. There is no magic formula to finding the right lipstick shade. But, identifying which category your skin tone fits will narrow down the options.

One of our popular product is Handmade Liquid Lipstick, it has 10 different colour tones. There is no skin-damaging substance in the product. Always giving you a striking appearance. Also Handmade Matte Lipstick, you will get a full, smooth and prominent lips. It maintains its look for a long time and doesn't damage your lips.

Matte lipstick colors

If you're not thrilled on crossing over to matte lipstick land. We understand, no one wants to sit around with their lips feeling chapped and cracked. But, not all matte lipsticks are created equal, and there is a way to make matte lipstick a THING again. And more importantly, your lips will never be dry again with our liquid matte lipstick

Lip Plumper Lipstick Recommendation

The reality is that not all were bestowed with plump lips like Angelina Jolie. The rest of us average lip mortals need to use lip plumbers to get the perfect pout and full lips look.

We rounded up some of the best lip plumbers in 2020, that won't burn through your savings:

Liquid Lipgloss - 214

You can recreate the look of plumper lips by using lipgloss.  After you apply matte lipstick directly without using a lip liner. As a final touch, a small application of a brightening lipgloss to the middle part of the lower and upper lip makes the lips look more plump and fuller.

Shiny Liquid Lipstick - 306

A similar looks can be created with a few simple make-up touches as well as lip gloss with a lip plumping effect for a plump lip look. To create a plump lip look,  apply a bright lipstick or lip gloss. After the lip contour is powdered. Applying a shimmery lip gloss or some highlighter on the lipstick selected in nude tones also makes lips look plump.

We highly recommend you to try New Well's amazing line of makeup Lipstick. Checkout more of our Lipstick products

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