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As New Well family, we all see you shining. We want to help you reflect your inner shine with blinding or subtle highlighters with the help of our liquid stick, cream and powder highlighters. Do not forget that there is no such thing as too much highlighter! Once you have found the right formula and colour complimenting your complexion the best, you are ready to glow. With that in mind, we round up the greatest New Well highlighters to get you shining throughout the day. 

Types of Highlighter

There are many formulas to choose from depending on the look and the finish you are going for. You can shape your face by making it smaller, larger or add a little bit of perspective through highlighters and contours. Each serving to different purpose and look, you need to decide if you want an intense shimmer or a subtle, dewy look. If you are looking for something that can be seen from outer space, then you can choose powders for that extra effect. 

Liquid Highlighter

New Well's Derma Cover Liquid Highlighters come in different colours and provide long lasting effects. With its skin friendly properties and appealing colours, they are fit to be applied on the high points of your face such as the high points of your cheeks, tip of the nose, upper part of the eyebrows, bridge of the nose, temple area and the cupid's bow! In short, apply it where you want to shine. Some apply it to the visible parts of the body to create a completed look. Correct application of liquid highlighter looks skin-like and covers what you want to hide and leave you with an inner glow!

Stick Highlighter

Stick highlighters are more suitable for the ones who wish to achieve a more natural and dewy look. New Well's Contour & Highlighter Stick will provide you with both contour and highlighter to make your makeup flawless. Travel frendly stick with functional tips will get you going and will be the only thing you need! 

Powder Highlighter

Powder highlighters for all of you out there to go really deep and achieve an intergallactic shine. Combined with liquid or stick highlighters, powder highlighters work wonders on the skin and add emphasis to the any areas on the face. Many opine that powder is the best highlighter in the market and it is easy to apply. Handmade Highlighter Powder by New Well is a staple to a flawless skin makeup. 

If you want a more compact palette composed of different colours that will be suitable for your skin through all seasons, New Well's Highlighter Pallette- 3 Colours is exactly what you need to glow. Choose any colour to mix and match with your makeup look and apply them to the areas requiring emphasis. Apply it with the help of a highlighter brush or sponge. Some likes to apply it with fingers since the product will melt with the body temperature and can be applied seamlessly to achieve a natural look. 

Now you enough about highlighters to get going. Choose the one that fits you the best to reflect that shine with New Well's products. 

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