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Our hands reflect our identity. Therefore, regular nail care is very important in terms of both appearance and health. You can find the nail care products you need to have a high level of confidence and well-groomed hands in New Well! 

What is nail care?

Maintaining a good hand and toe nail care is a cosmetic procedure and might be considered as a health issue as well. Good nail care prevents fungal infections, prevents breakage, and also reduces the risk of possible infections in the hands and feet. Of course, the most important element of nail health is hygiene. You should definitely clean your nails before taking any action. For a good nail care, the nails should be cut, filed, annd cuticles need to be cleaned. Then, you can make the final touch with colorful New Well nail polish to make your nails look gorgeous.

How to do nail care?

The first thing to do to make the nails look well-groomed is to cut your nails regularly. As a tip, the best time to cut your nails is after a shower. Because after the shower, hands and nails become dampened and soft enough to work with. After cutting your nails, you can apply moisturizing cream or vaseline around your nails. If the cream is applied before you start filing your nails, it should be absorbed and dried, then you can go ahead with filing. 

As a next step, the cuticles should be cleaned. Do not forget to give importance to the care of toe nails as well as finger nails. Put your feet in warm water with carbonate and wait 20 minutes to let them soften. Just like your fingernails, cut toenails, clean the cuticles and file them. In conclusion, clean your toe heels from dead skin with a heel stone.

Nail care products

You should pay attention to the fact that the product you will buy for nail care has features for your needs. If you have a nail eating habit, you can get rid of this habit with the best quality. No Bite nail polish products. Another important factor for nail care is acetones and the right acetone selection. You should prefer non-acetone nail polish cleaners when wiping your nail polish. For products such as nail file, nail scissors, your choice should be directly with manicure materials. Your most important criterion in choosing products should be organic products that will not harm your nails.

Cuticle Care

Cuticles are structures that protect the nail from infections, due to negligence or hardwork they can get rough and they might look unpleasant. You should definitely use cuticle care creams to soften your cticles, which will also be useful for nail care. You should cut your cuticles without moistening your nails with cream. Vitamin E in these products not only supports the cuticles, but also supports extending the life of the nail. You can also choose cuticle remover oils, which will prevent irritation of the cuticle.

Just decide what you want to achieve with your nail care routine and leave the rest to New Well! It is that easy to care for hands and feet! Don't forget that you can show your clean nails even more beautiful with New Well nail polish. 

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